We are constantly looking for Msc and PhD candidates as well as postdoctoral fellows.

1. Graduate students: according to a decision made at The department of Chemical Engineering, courses attended by graduate students arriving from abroad will be taught in English. For more details on the Dept. of Chem. Eng. graduate program please visit the School of Graduate Studies homepage .

2. Post doctoral fellows: we accept excellent post doctoral researchers all year around, depending on availability and funding.  It is preferable to apply several months prior to completion of PhD, to assure financing. At any case, candidates may apply up to three years since the completion of their PhD.

We are currently (August 2021) looking for a Post-Doc who is an expert in DFT calculations. The challenge:  calculating IR spectra of ground state and exited state photocatalytic materials. Ability to work as an independent researcher is a must!    

Here are a few of the available programs, apart from direct funding via research grants:

2A. A special program for researchers from India or China.  The deadline for submission for this program is by the end of January.

2B. Coleman-Cohen Fellowship: for post doctoral fellows arriving from The United Kingdom. Official Deadline: every January 15.

2C. Fulbright Fund: for more details see